Subject-Verb Agreement come between subject matter and verb, you’ll confuse

1. Make sure that the subject and verb of each term or phrase agreethat are, that one matter possess a singular verb, and a plural subject a plural verb. Whenever more statement come between subject matter and verb, you could confuse the noun nearest on the verbbefore or afterfor the verb’s genuine matter.

Faulty: a main element of my entire life targets happen to attend rules college. Right: A central element of my life aim happens to be to attend law college.

Faulty: the gains gained from the aesthetic industry is maybe not high enough. Best: the earnings earned by cosmetic sector aren’t satisfactory.

2. become particularly cautious that your matter and verb consent as soon as your subject matter is made up of a couple of parts joined by and even or; whenever your matter is actually a phrase like committee or jury, that may capture either one or a plural verb based on whether it is handled as a device or as a group of people; or once matter was a word like mathematics or measles, which looks plural but is single in meaning.

Awry: my cousin along with his buddy commutes every single day from Louisville. Correct: my buddy and his friend travel each day from Louisville.

Incorrect: The committee was actually using most of the duty themselves. Correct: The committee were using all duty on their own. (observe that the application of the word by themselves reveals that committee has been addressed as a group of people, less a unit.)

Incorrect: Measles became less frequent in the United States. Best: Measles happens to be less common in the us.

To check for subject-verb agreement, circle the niche and verb in each phrase and be sure they consent.


1. A pronoun (like we, they, you, him, their, this, by themselves, anyone, just who, which) can be used to replace another wordits antecedentso the antecedent does not have to end up being repeated.Check each pronoun to ensure that they will follow its antecedent in sex and wide variety. Remember that words like each, either, neither, and something is single; when they are utilized as antecedents, they bring singular pronouns. Antecedents consists of 2 or more elements signed up with by or or nor grab pronouns that concur with the nearest antecedent. Collective-noun antecedents (market, team) can be singular or plural dependent on whether they refer to a single unit or a small grouping of individuals.

Incorrect: Every one of the pups thrived inside their new home. Correct: all the pups thrived within the new home.

Incorrect: Neither Jane nor Susan sensed that they had been treated fairly. Appropriate: Neither Jane nor Susan thought that she was indeed addressed pretty.

Awry: the group generally altered its jobs to obtain diverse experience. Correct: The team frequently changed their unique roles getting varied experiences.

To proofread for arrangement of pronouns and antecedents, circle each pronoun, decide their antecedent, and make sure that they concur in gender and quantity.

2. As mentioned above, most indefinite pronouns (like each, either, neither, or one) were singular; for that reason, they get singular verbs. A member of family pronoun, like which, which, or that, requires a verb that agrees with the pronoun’s antecedent.

Completely wrong: all the products in these styles organize with the other people. Best: Each of the items in these models coordinates with the other individuals.

Incorrect: He is among the many employees just who operates overtime frequently. Right: He is one of many workforce who do work overtime frequently. (In this example, the antecedent of that is workforce, and therefore the verb should-be plural.)

3. an unclear pronoun resource takes place when subscribers cannot be sure of a pronoun’s antecedent. If a pronoun could make reference to more than one antecedent, or if the antecedent is implied yet not explicitly mentioned, change the phrase to really make the antecedent obvious.

Completely wrong: Before Mary assaulted Mrs. Turpin, she is a judgmental girl. Best: Before Mary attacked Mrs. Turpin, the latter is a judgmental girl. (in the 1st phrase, she could make reference to either Mary or Mrs. Turpin.)

Wrong: They believe that an egg is as essential as a human getting, it can’t be shown. Right: They believe that an egg can be as essential as a person existence, but such an assertion can not be proved. (In the first sentence, the antecedent of it was unclear.)

More Grammatical Errors

Phrase Fragments

1. The phrase fragment are an unfinished sentence punctuated as a sentence. To make it an entire sentence, join they towards the biggest term or rewrite they.

Wrong: She is a good pal. A person who I rely on and admire. Right: the woman is a great buddy, one whom we trust and admire.

Wrong: within the working area, we discovered the worth of discipline. Furthermore how exactly to simply take great notes. Appropriate: when you look at the working area, we read the worth of discipline. We additionally learned tips just take good records.

Incorrect: the existing aluminum motorboat resting on their trailer. Appropriate: the outdated aluminum motorboat was actually resting on the trailer.

To proofread for phrase fragments, examine all sentences for a subject, a verb, at the very least one term that doesn’t get started with a subordinating word like since, although, if, when, that, since, or who.

Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers

1. Misplaced or dangling modifiers were statement, terms, or conditions perhaps not demonstrably attached to the word they adjust. Go a misplaced modifier closer to the term it defines, or change a sentence giving a dangling modifier a word to change.

Wrong: they can look at eagles swooping and diving with binoculars. Correct: With binoculars, they could see the eagles swooping and diving.

Incorrect: Nixon informed reporters that he wanted to get free from politics after the guy missing the 1962 gubernatorial race. Best: After he lost the 1962 gubernatorial race, Nixon advised journalists that he wanted to escape government.

Awry: a rabbit’s teeth will never be utilized for security even when cornered. Best: even though cornered, a rabbit never ever makes use of its teeth for defense.

Incorrect: As a young boy, their grandmother advised reports of her years as a country schoolteacher. Best: As a young child, the guy read their grandma determine stories of the girl decades as a country schoolteacher.

To check for misplaced or dangling modifiers, group all modifiers and bring a line on term they describe; do not forget they can not mistakenly alter other keyword.

From Writing Guide Service, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN